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SERA launches Labour for Cycling campaign

red-and-black-400-x-200Tomorrow evening MPs will debate the ‘Get Britain Cycling‘ report in the House of Commons. And outside Parliament, cyclists including SERA members and Labour activists will be cycling through Parliament Square, showing support for the MPs and calling for space for cyclists.

Join us at 6pm, Monday 2 September, by Ping Pong at the back of the Royal Festival Hall, near Waterloo.

Cycling is currently seeing high visibility, with politicians on all sides eager to be seen with a cycle helmet or a Brompton. But for David Cameron, cycling means a photo opportunity with the ministerial car lurking around the corner, while Boris Johnson has been content to take the credit for a cycling revolution in London’s City Hall brought in by Ken Livingstone. We know that it is Labour councils, like Hackney, Camden and Lambeth in London, Manchester and Oxford elsewhere, who are showing the real leadership on cycling.

In recent weeks, we’ve welcomed the announcement of money for cycling in a number of cities around England but, as Tom Hayes pointed out on our website, this was largely double counting and replacing the money cut when the Tories abolished Cycling England, set up by Labour. Not so much cycle as spin cycle.

We also know there’s more to do. Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary Maria Eagle wrote in the New Statesman that cycling needs the long-term financial commitments that this Government has offered road-building. SERA Executive Member Romney Tansley wrote in our last New Ground that we need to bridge the gap between politicians’ promises and the reality on the ground.

That’s why we launching SERA’s new campaign, Labour for Cycling.

We want to share the best that Labour councillors, Assembly Members and MSPs are delivering on the ground, and highlight where the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and SNP are talking up cycling but doing nothing to support it. We want to help make sure that the rise in cycling in inner London is reproduced around the country and that cycling is safe, healthy and affordable so that all who want to can participate. And we want to support Labour MP, Ian Austin, in the debate tomorrow in Parliament so that we can Get Britain Cycling.

So join us tomorrow, Monday 2 September, at 6pm, meeting behind the Royal Festival Hall with our bikes. If you can’t join us this time, look out for other Labour for Cycling activities in coming months. You can also share the logo above on Facebook or tweet your support:

RT @serauk SERA launches Labour for Cycling – time for Government & Mayor of London to ensure there’s #space4cycling

2 Comments on SERA launches Labour for Cycling campaign

  1. Labour’s Greenwich Council is refusing to speak to the London mayor’s cycling commissioner about cycling improvements in our borough – in contrast to all other London boroughs, including Labour ones.

    Greenwich Council’s Labour leader, Chris Roberts, even manipulated the timing of a Labour group meeting so Labour councillors couldn’t discuss this. And the council’s Labour mayor bent the rules to ensure nobody else could discuss this.

    There are Labour councils who are great about cycling. But there are others who are awful. And then there’s Greenwich, which won’t even accept free money to improve safety.

    How can we believe the Labour Party is sincere about cycling when it tolerates this? Genuine question – because if you tolerate Greenwich Labour group’s behaviour, you’re wasting your time, and everyone else’s.

  2. It’s great to see Labout for Cycling, but I can’t quite bring myself to support Labour when the Labour-led Norfolk County Council coalition still seems to be “full speed ahead for the steamrollers” like the pre-2013 Conservatives administration. They’re still planning new roads that will be barriers to cycling, including one that will downgrade one of the best parts of the National Cycle Network Route 1, which is also part of the international North Sea Coast Route. Meanwhile, there is only one Norfolk project that is marginally cycle-friendly on the shortlist of the Norfolk and Suffolk Local Transport Body.

    Nationally, Labour might be great, but locally they’re still singing a “no space for cycling” tune.

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