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SERA’s input into next week’s National Policy Forum

Next week, on 18 & 19 July 2014, Labour’s National Policy Forum (NPF) will meet in Milton Keynes. This meeting will be important for SERA, and important for the Labour Party, as it will decide the direction of policies for the Labour manifesto – and the next Labour Government.

Over the past two years,as a Socialist Society representative on the NPF, our Co-Chair Melanie Smallman has been working to put the environment at the heart of Labour’s policies. She has been a member of the Living Standards and Sustainability Policy Commission and has had a chance to input into all of the commissions under the ‘economy’ theme. We believe that we have made great progress – particularly around community energy and transport. Our policies (which you can read about here) will make a real difference to our environment, our community and our lives.

But there is more to do. In Milton Keynes, Melanie will be taking forward a number of SERA amendments, which have been based upon the resolutions passed at our AGM and on our campaigning work for the past few years:

  • Including a commitment to reduce air pollution
  • Stronger promises on how we will support community energy
  • A clear duty on transport authorities to involve passengers in decision-making
  • A commitment that the new homes built by the Labour Government will be built to be as energy and water efficient and accessible as possible

But she can’t do this alone. Your help could make a real difference. SERA would like to ask members to contact their regional NPF rep and ask them to support our amendments at the NPF meeting. Details of your representatives can be found here and the full wording of our amendments is here.

Together, we can get SERA’s voice heard.

1 Comment on SERA’s input into next week’s National Policy Forum

  1. Samir Chatterjee // July 15, 2014 at 8:03 pm // Reply

    Dear Melanie Thank you for the invitation. I would love to go but it is too far. Hope it goes very well and you come out with some great sustainable policies. By the way, did you ever receive my environmental booklet? Hope it has not got lost. It was one of the last copies. Please let me know. very kind regards. Samir

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