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Labour commits to safeguarding the natural environment

Shadow Environment Secretary Maria Eagle yesterday pledged a Labour Government to put in place a 25 year plan for the recovery of nature, with clear five year milestones to measure progress. She also announced that the next Labour government will give local communities the tools they need to protect and improve nature and will support changes to the CAP that makes sure that these valuable resources do more to protect the environment.

SERA Co-Chair Melanie Smallman commented:

“Bringing these policies to life, against currently difficult financial backdrop is going to challenging. But Labour set up our National Parks amidst even tougher spending constraints, so we can do it again. And it’s vital that a Labour government does. Because time is running out – not just for this coalition government, but for our environment too”

Read more:

Maria Eagle’s Huffington Post article

Melanie Smallman’s article for the Fabian Society Blog

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