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Sign our Petition calling for a new Clean Air Act

Alongside A Breath of Fresh Air we have launched a UK Government and Parliament petition. The petition calls on the government to produce a Clean Air Act fit for the 21st Century, and help prevent the 40,000 plus premature UK deaths every year. To sign the petition click here.

Details of ‘A Clean Air Act for the 21st Century’ Petition 

Air pollution is silently and prematurely killing 40,000 to 50,000 UK citizens every year at an economic cost of nearly £54 billion. Sixty years on from the first Clean Air Act we need the same level of commitment to saving peoples lives today through a Clean Air Act for the 21st Century.

Over the coming months ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’ SERA’s clean air campaign will be building support for an act, encouraging research, shaping policy changes and actions, working with a range of organisations and hosting discussions. This will help support a bold, robust and ambitious case for a Clean Air Act that is fit for the 21st Century. More than ever, following the referendum and the risk to EU protections we currently have, we need action. Add your voice to make this happen.

Sign the Petition

More information can be found in SERA’s special publication ‘A Breath of Fresh Air | A Clean Air Act for the 21st Century’.

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